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The LIFESIL ADHERENCE® Breast Implant presents a unique expanded silicone macrotexture technology, which assumes a similar characteristic of implants coated with polyurethane foam. Produced with 100% medical grade silicone this implant is fully biocompatible to human tissues.

The silicone macrotexture incorporated on the surface of the shell provides a high adherence to adjacent tissues, hindering lateralization and breast ptosis.

The velvety texture of 100% medical grade silicone surface, ease the implantation (comparing with polyurethane) and placement inside the breast pocket.

Perfil dos Implantes Linha Adherence


An exclusive bio adherent technology, 100%medical grade silicone, and its velvety texture ease the implantation (when compared to polyurethane) and placement inside the breast pocket. – not requiring extensive incision – no residues in explanation procedures.


LIFESIL ADHERENCE® Breast Implant has an expanded silicone macrotexture incorporated on the surface of the shell that provides an implant with high adhesion to the mammary tissues and adjacent tissues, hindering lateralization and mammary ptosis, ensuring better and longer lasting results.


LIFESIL ADHERENCE® Breast Implant produced with an exclusively expanded silicone (biocompatible) macrotexture technology presents as differential a projection in the lower region, and minor projection in the superior region, ensuring a natural breast shape, as well as a harmonic and smooth result.


LIFESIL ADHERENCE® offers four types of profile, which meets the wishes of the patient and the needs of plastic surgeons obtaining the best postoperative results:

Perfil Alto Linha Adherence


LIFESIL ADHERENCE® High profile: offers a natural projection, giving a uniform volume in a discreetly way.

Perfil Super Alto Linha Adherence


LIFESIL ADHERENCE® Extra High profile: Offers greater projection, leaving the breasts more evident, especially in the upper pole.

Perfil Distendido Linha Adherence


LIFESIL ADHERENCE® Distended profile: Offers the greatest projection. Ideal for patients with narrow chest or who want well-projected breasts, with an even higher upper pole.

Perfil Natural Linha Adherence


LIFESIL ADHERENCE® Natural profile: It presents a greater projection in the lower region and minor projection in the upper pole, ensuring a more natural breast shape and as well as a harmonic and smooth result.


Velvety Texture

Greater adhesion to tissues

Easy implantation, positioning, and removal

Aesthetic naturality of breasts

High resistance

Helps in the prevention of breast ptosis

Long-term postoperative outcomes

Biocompatible with human body tissues


  1. The mammary implantation LIFESIL ADHERENCE® (silica foam) will have to be implanted in the subglandular plane (studies are being carried through on the effectiveness of the implantation in the submuscular plane).
  2. The incision should be slightly larger (5 or 6 cm) to ease placement of the implant.
  3. Irrigate the implant with saline solution or antibiotic solution (continuous irrigation with saline solution 0.9% or dual antibiotic solution can be used).
  4. The silicone foam texture is friable, thus, a small silicone crumbling may be observed when subjected to a greater force in a small area of the implant.
  5. The residue produced by the silicone crumbling is medical grade silicone, biocompatible with human tissues, and will not interfere with the healing process or adhesion of the implant to the tissue.
  6. After the implant placement in the breast pocket, the patient should be placed in an upright (seated) position, whenever its possible, to verify the status of the implant, especially in the upper pole.
  7. Use the vacuum drain, mainly when local anesthesia with adrenaline was used. Due to the rebound effect of anesthesia with constricting vessel, it takes the cover of a thin layer of blood around the implant making it difficult to grip.
  8. Do not massage or suggest lymph drainage to the patient on the post-operative care. To ensure correct adherence in the healing process, use the compressive dressing of the breasts and a post-surgical bra.
  9. If removal of the LIFESIL ADHERENCE® implant is necessary, the removal in monoblock must be done, in other words, the total capsulectomy may occur. There is no way to separate the capsule from the implant because the silicone texture will remain attached to the capsule.


*There may be waves up to +/- 3 mm.

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