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Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Curitiba (southern Brazil), Lifesil is a Brazilian company with more than 200 employees and productive capacity of more than 90 thousand units per year. It is an innovative company which idealized the breast silicone implant with the expanded foam coating ADHERENCE ®, unique in the world. Lifesil has more than ten years of experience and over 200 thousand units sold in Brazil.

Lifesil products are manufactured with high technology and recognized by a rigorous quality control ensuring the necessary safety for both patients and surgeons. Our products are certified by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa), National Institute for Metrology Quality and Technology (Inmetro) and, ISO 13485 among other international sanitary surveillance agencies.

In 2017, Lifesil began its Silicone Scar Sheet distribution to United States, the world’s first market in the segment through American Silicone, a partnership of significant impact for the company.

Our choice is to work hand in hand with plastic surgeons, always in a safe, ethical, committed and innovative way.


The industry and its expansion

Lifesil Silicone Implants produces an extensive line of products and offers to surgeons a wide range of breast augmentation silicone options used on aesthetic or reconstructive cases.

Lifesil Silicone Implant is one of the leading silicone implants brands available in Brazil (the second largest world market) and the leading producer in Latin America.

All products are designed, developed and manufactured in facilities compatible with ISO 13485 standards as well as all requirements are enforced in order to comply with safe and high quality of the production of medical devices for sterile breast implants class III.

Lifesil has all Anvisa and Inmetro certifications and use medical grade silicone with NuSIL technology (FDA / USA certified).

In 2017, Lifesil inaugurated the second phase of its factory expansion. This expansion tripled the manufacturing area to 3,000m² and increased production capacity to +180 thousand.

Also in 2017, Lifesil inaugurated the São Paulo distribution center, aiming to bring our products closer and more agile to this vital market.

Lifesil has a distribution center in Rio de Janeiro; the second largest regional market.

Lifesil is a sponsor of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, committing itself and innovating to meet the needs of plastic surgeons and patients.

Lifesil is in constant transformation; facing challenges with great willingness, work, and commitment to the market.


Science and technology in silicone products.


To provide innovative solutions, based on a scientific and technological approach.


To be worldwide recognized for the ability to innovate.


We believe that, in addition to business sustainability, a responsible and professional work improves the lives of the people and communities with whom we interact.